Bjørn H. Samset and Arild Midthun (ill.)
The Fight for the Future

Climate researcher Bjørn H. Samset and cartoonist Arild Midthun have joined forces to create Embla, an exciting graphic novel that shows us what is happening to our planet while also giving us research-based knowledge about the choices we will have to make.

Through an exciting fictional tale, Bjørn H. Samset and Arild Midthun want to share knowledge about the climate changes that our planet is going through and show what challenges we will face when choosing a strategy for the future.

On a trip to New York, someone attempts to mug young blogger Embla, and suddenly she finds herself in the world of the gods and jötnar, where she encounters opponents and challenges the likes of which she could never have imagined. It is she—as a human—who must save the world.

An original and important eye-opener for young readers!

Midthun and Samset have accomplished the feat of turning the climate issue into an educational and visually engaging comic book.

I was thrilled to see this book - my hopes were extremely high - and it doesn't disappoint. Wonderful work throughout. Hugely recommended.

Mike Perkins

Bjørn H. Samset and Arild Midthun (ill.)

Bjørn H. Samset and Arild Midthun (ill.)
Foto: Anna-JuliaGranberg / BLUNDERBUSS

Bjørn H. Samset (b. 1977) is a physicist and climate scientist, and is head of research at the CICERO Centre for International Climate Research. Samset is an active science communicator and contributor to the climate debate as well as being a lead writer on the UN Climate Panel and a columnist for Norwegian weekly, Morgenbladet.

Arild Midthun (b. 1964) is a prize-winning cartoonist, book illustrator and newspaper illustrator. From his beginnings at The Phantom and Norwegian MAD in the 80s, he has been a prolific series creator while also illustrating books and newspaper articles. Since 2004, he has also drawn and written Donald Duck stories for Disney publishers all over the world.

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