Chris Tvedt
The Devil in the Details

A Polish man’s throat is cut in a sports centre in Bergen. The Danish contract killer who committed the murder is quickly arrested, but only a few days later he is found dead in his cell, having apparently hanged himself.

Shortly afterwards, local gangster Peter Olsen is arrested for ordering the murder of the Pole. Everything points towards his guilt, but his defence lawyer Mikael Brenne remains unconvinced. There are too many details in the case that don’t add up. Mikael is also sceptical about whether the killer really did commit suicide as the prison claims.

One night there’s a knock on the door at Brenne’s home. It’s Peter Olsen. He has escaped from prison so as not to suffer the same fate as the Dane. Mikael has no choice but to take him in as an unwelcome guest. Olsen has something on Mikael, a blunder that will cost him his career if it is ever made public.

As if this were not enough, Kripos investigator Edvard Matre also comes into the frame. Edvard has his own agenda. For him, Mikael Brenne and Peter Olsen are only pawns in a game to expose corruption at the upper levels of the Bergen police force.

But it will turn out to be a dangerous game for everyone involved – not least for Mikael Brenne.

Chris Tvedt

Chris Tvedt
Odd Nerbø

Chris Tvedt (born 1954 in Bergen) is an author and a lawyer, having studied literature alongside law at the University of Bergen. More recently he has devoted himself to writing full-time. Tvedt debuted in 2005 with the crime novel Reasonable Doubt. He has written several books starring the lawyer Mikael Brenne. In 2010, his novel Death’s Circle earned him the Riverton Prize for the year’s best Norwegian crime fiction.

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