Geir Tangen

Haugesund wakes up to a murder that turns out to have already been reported.

One sultry autumn day, Haugesund wakes up to the news that a woman has been thrown from a tower block. Her murder has already been reported. The day before, journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson of newspaper Haugesunds Avis received an email that he didn’t take seriously. When he receives another email, he finds himself in the middle of what feels like a bad crime TV show.

Police investigator Lotte Skeisvoll is tasked with stopping the killer before he fulfills his own prophecies, and she doesn’t have much time. Every second count when human lives are at stake.

In the background of all this, the conductor waves the baton for his own personal requiem. He has the score and knows the notes. He is the Maestro

Thrilling, humorous, and playful. [...] Tangen knows crime.

Dagbladet, 5/6 STARS (NO)

Geir Tangen writes with an energy that compensates for the most unlikely of scenarios, which makes for a story of incredible drive and high pace.

Dagens Nyheter (SE)

A dark and slightly creepy thriller that fans of Henning Mankell and Arnaldur Indridason will appreciate.

Library Journal (US)

A gripping, suitably atmospheric must-read for Scandinavian crime-fiction devotees.

Booklist (US)

Geir Tangen plays masterfully with the crime genre. [...] The result is a teasing and original story, balancing between classic crime and genre pastische.

Jyllandsposten, 5 stars (DK)

A highlight for all fans of Scandinavian crime!

WDR 2 (DE)

Tangen knows how to take the classic elements of the Scandi thriller and turn them into a magnificent thriller. [...] A great achievement by a debut writer…

Thrillzone (NL)

It's an excellent suspense novel with a highly original plot.

Københavneravisen (DK)

Geir Tangen

Geir Tangen
Haakon Nordvik

Geir Tangen (b. 1970) is from Øystese in Hardanger but has lived in Haugesund since 1996.

He is trained as a general education teacher and has also worked as a freelance journalist for radio, TV, and newspapers since 1990, and writes short stories in addition to his crime novels.

He self-published his first crime novel, Maestro, in January 2016 and it was an immediate success. The book was nominated for the Maurits Hansen “New Blood” Prize in 2017 and for two crime prizes in the Netherlands the following year. Heartbreaker was published in 2017, and the final book in the series, Dead Man’s Tango, was published in 2018. The trilogy about Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson and Lotte Skeisvoll has been translated into several languages.

In the summer of 2019, he started work on a brand new crime series. The first book, Hour of the Wolf, was published in 2021.

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