Odin Helgheim

Ragnarok book 1

At the gods’ mercy

This is a saga about losing all control to forces much stronger than yourself and about the journey to take it back!

The viking boy Ubbe Gunnhildsson has everything he needs. A strong mother who loves him, a talented big brother who gives him guidance, good friends and fun-filled days. Can anything pose a threat to this idyll?

Odin Helgheim

Foto  kine erica bjune yrstad
Kine-Erica Bjune Yrstad

Odin Helgheim (b. 1996) is from Sandefjord, Norway but spent a few years in the US as a kid. There he discovered comics and started honing his drawing skills.
«Ragnarök – Fenrir» is his first graphic novel.

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Winner of the Ark Children prize 2020

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