Hans Jørgen Sandnes
Into the Deep. Crypto

First book in a brilliant new comic-book series.

Ophelia is moving to the small coastal town of Saltfjord. She’s going to live there with her new foster family, the cheerful and sporty Birken family. Luckily, she soon meets neighbour Bernard – he’s a fisherman and shares Ophelia's fascination for undersea creatures. Ophelia would much rather discuss cryptozoology than hang off a climbing wall.
On her first night in her new home, Ophelia sees something mysterious from her window. What’s really hiding beneath the surface of the waves? And might it have something to do with the boy who dived into the sea and vanished?
Follow Ophelia and Bernard into the deep!
– Into the Deep is the first book in the new comic series Crypto, written and illustrated by Hans Jørgen Sandnes, who is behind the illustrations of the popular Detective Agency No. 2 books, among other things.
– Exciting, brilliant and fun – a graphic novel that avid young readers will love diving into!
– Cryptozoology is the study of mythological, unknown, or extinct animals that are thought to exist or to have existed, although there is no traditional evidence for their existence.
– In Into the Deep, Ophelia encounters an underwater creature for the very first time – but not all those who are curious about the creature have equally good intentions.

Hans Jørgen Sandnes

Hans Jørgen Sandnes

Hans Jørgen Sandnes (born 1979) is a Norwegian illustrator and animator.

He won the Amandus Award at the age of 16 at the National Youth Festival for the Under-20s. He has made several animated films based on the children's songs by Alf Prøysen, all of which have been shown regularly by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He has also worked with illustration and animation in a number of other projects focusing on the promotion of culture to children.

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