Anders Røyneberg
Green Home
Living and decorating with plants

Anders Røyneberg, aka @articgardener, has over 100 green plants in his apartment in Oslo. In Green Home, he gives you his best advice on which plants are right for you as well as what they need to thrive.
The book will teach you how to take care of seedlings and cuttings and also what to prepare for when traveling away so your plants are just as healthy when you come home. It also explains how you can decorate and style your home with plants, with examples of grouping plants as well as using them as room dividers. Which plants would be beautiful in the living room or comfortable in the bathroom? Which ones clean the air in the office and which ones are robust enough to withstand an open bedroom window? You'll get all the answers to your plant needs for each room in your home.

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Anders Røyneberg

Anders Røyneberg

Anders Røyneberg trained as an agronomist and psychiatric nurse and now works as a writer, lecturer and therapist. He has received significant attention in the media and has amassed over 106,000 followers on his Instagram, @arcticgardener. His first book, Green Home, continues to be a bestseller in Norway and has since been reprinted 9 times, and been sold to 10 countries.

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