Jørgen Kolderup og Maria Jartman
The Wild Side

The Wild Side Cookbook:
Contains 75 inspiring recipes, which ooze salt water and bog puddles, wildflowers, wet forest, and campfire smoke.
Is for everyone who enjoys cooking for everyday life and parties. How to create a top atmosphere - in everything from the food itself, table settings, decorations to serving.
Challenge to gather tasty ingredients, rather than filling the shopping basket to the brim. They are often found right outside the living room door!
Are for advanced cooks, who want to learn to understand the recipe - rather than following it slavishly. How to get the most out of a few ingredients, rather than loading up on all kinds of spices.
Is for everyone who loves to be outside and use nature all year round. Join us on adventurous trips to places like Hemsedal and Stadtlandet. Up in the Hallingdal mountains to hunt grouse and out into the forest for spruce shoots, berries, and mushrooms.

Looking for intense dining experiences? Take 1 creative chef and food adventurer. Mix in 1 food and nature lover, with a passion for well-laid tables and good conversation. Finally, you add a good dose of spontaneity. There you have a book with wonderful food experiences from wild, Norwegian nature.

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Jørgen Kolderup og Maria Jartman

Jørgen Kolderup og Maria Jartman
Helle Frogner

Jørgen Kolderup
Head of food at Skigaarden in Hemsedal and traveling food hunter, former chef at Harahorn, and various top restaurants in Oslo.
Loves the wildness of Norwegian nature, and spends countless hours outdoors, both as a fisherman, hunter, and food gatherer.
Fond of linking the meal to the surroundings around me, tasting my way through everything available from the plants on site, to find the perfect combination of ingredients.

Maria Jartman
Creative and strategic manager in the design agency Kreator in Hallingdal. I love the mountains and nature – the inspiration and energy it brings.
Are gripped by the meeting between food and people, and see meals as an important part of our lives. Love the details in serving - table settings and decorations.
Likes to look for treasures in second-hand shops or out in nature, as exciting solutions in the table setting.

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