Inge Fagerbakk
The Hamsun cookbook

From the breakthrough with Sult (1890) and even På gjengrodde stier (1949), copious amounts of both salty and sweet food are mauled in Hamsun's writing. In addition, there is drink, everything from hair lotion to champagne – and most everything in between. Neither Hamsun nor the novel characters he sympathizes with have anything left over for sophisticated new-fangled food, such as canned food and macaroni. No. We live on grain, on fish, on meat. And potato.

In The Hamsun cookbook we meet a diverse gathering of characters from Hamsun's literary universe and their food and drink. Here you will also find recipes for dishes that make you feel at home. Even if you're away.

Bon appetit!

Inge Fagerbakk

Inge Fagerbakk
Eirik Borg

Railway worker, doorman, sailor, project manager for a number of bilateral and multilateral youth projects, designer, illustrator, teacher, culture director, literary scholar, university lecturer at Vasa University, (1995–2010). Published poems in the 70s, articles in the 80s, author of and assistant director for the play "Over the fjord after people" 1991.

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