Karen Elene Thorsen
Poor Student

A perfect book for the smart young reader who has a heart for tasty and healthy food, who cares about the environment and smart consumption.

Karen Elene Thorsen started an Insta-account called FATTIG STUDENT (Poor Student). She realized she was hopeless with economic planning, spending all her money on shopping and fun and having to survive on a low budget diet. This inspired her to crack the code: How to eat healthy, good food and still saving money. On her Insta-account she started sharing shopping lists, receipes and weekly menus. The account grew quickly, as did her passion for learning more about healthy food and nutrition. In this fun and very useful cook book you find 20 of the best weekly menus from the super popular insta account @fattig.student. The book also offers shopping list for basic grocery shopping, smart tips on how to avoid throwing away food and how to both save money and eat well.

The book targets single households in the greater cities. For instance in Oslo; half of the households are single households.
The book appeals to young readers, since the philosophy of the book is related to sustainability and environmental issues.
Norwegian homes (5 million people) threw away 200.000 tons of food in 2018. Probably it is the same pattern in all Western countries.

Number ONE best seller in Norway, all categories included.
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Karen Elene Thorsen

Karen Elene Thorsen
Veslemøy Vråskar

Karen Elene Thorsen (b.1998) is a student. She serves her 160.000 Insta-followers with new, smart advices. She is passtionate about varied and healthy food. Fattig Student is her first book. The book went straight to number one on the best seller list. It now has a total print run of 45 000 copies after a month in the book shops.

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