Hedvig Montgomery
The Elementary School Age

Parental Magic #4

In this fourth installment in the Parental Magic series, Hedvig Montgomery will guide parents and guardians through the years when a child first finds her place in the larger community: The elementary school age.

The elementary school age is one that’s full of big, hard-to-handle emotions and the search for what it means to be “me.” It is during these years that a child’s personality takes shape. It’s an adventure full of vulnerability. The fear of ending up without friends or making a fool of oneself is common, and despite being social beginners, children will have to navigate many new things: math homework, fragile friendships, and other tricky situations.

Hedvig Montgomery will give you the methods and advice you need on this journey towards raising secure and happy children. She will answer the questions that all parents ask themselves: How do I get my child to confide in me when something is difficult? What do I do if my child is lonely? How much time should we spend on homework? This is the book that will make you the parent you wish to be.

Hedvig Montgomery

Hedvig Montgomery
Janne Rugland

Hedvig Montgomery (b. 1968) is a psychologist and family therapist with more than two decades of experience in the field. Besides practising as a family therapist, Montgomery holds seminars at the Norwegian branch of Famlab, an international organisation that supports and educates parents and guardians. Parental Magic is the fruit of decades of research and practical experience, a small book jam-packed with wisdom and smart techniques. It’s a modern day child-rearing bible that will give guardians worldwide just the tools they need to guide their children – and themselves – to happiness.

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