Alf R. Jacobsen
Narvik 1940

Alf R. Jacobsen's critically acclaimed books "Attack at Dawn" and "Bitter Victory" are now collected in one volume.

With characteristic storytelling and use of diaries, letters and other unknown sources, Alf R. Jacobsen depicts the great political race culminating in the battle of Narvik and the bitter power struggle that took place behind the scenes in London during the dramatic spring 1940.

Alf R. Jacobsen

Alf R. Jacobsen
Fredrik Bjertnes

Alf R. Jacobsen is one of Norway’s leading authors of war documentary, and throughout his career he as has written more than 40 books and movie manuscripts. He is considered a pioneer within Norwegian investigative journalism, and has worked for major newspapers and TV channels, such as VG and NRK. His work has earned him several awards, such as the Riverton Price, the SKUP Price and the Petter Dass Medal. Alf R. Jacobsen was born in Northern Norway, and now lives partly in Norway and partly in Spain.

Other titles

Dangerous waters

Scorched earth

Blücher – the German Cruiser (Vega Forlag 2010)

The King who said no (Vega Forlag 2011)

Attack at Dawn. Narvik, 9th – 10th April 1940 (Vega Forlag 2012)

Bitter Victory. Narvik 10th April – 10th June 1940 (Vega Forlag 2013)

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Riverton Price (for crime)
SKUP price (journalism)

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