Bente Aass Solbakken (Ed.)
Huksendáidda – Sami architecture

The book Huksendáidda – Sami architecture is an introduction and a trilingual guide to Sami building culture and architecture – in the Northern Sami language, Norwegian and English.

In Huksendáidda you can read about, among other things, Girjegumpi, Sami building customs, the treatment of the Sami in the history of architecture in Norway after the Second World War, how rebuilding and Norwegianization went hand in hand, the phenomenon of “kjempelávvu” and also get an overview of Sami architecture on the Norwegian side of Sápmi.

The book originated from the lectures of a seminar on Sami architecture that the National Museum organized in connection with the exhibition Girjegumpi. Sami architecture library with the artist Joar Nango’s nomadic architecture library in 2021.

The book is published in collaboration with the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo.

Bente Aass Solbakken (Ed.)

Bente Aass Solbakken er seniorkurator ved Nasjonalmuseet. Solbakken har en doktorgrad i kunsthistorie og arbeider med arkitektonisk kultur i Norge på 1800- og 1900-tallet.

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