Gisle Halvorsen and Thomas Seeberg Torjussen
ZombieLars - Book 4

What happens when fear spreads among the strangers living in Bekkebakken? The Strangers' Legion, the resistance movement working against the PAEF, are supposedly enlisting foreign children as spies, so Lars and his gang try to join. But when they find that Robert can't join, because he's not a stranger, they decide not to. But at least they now know that there are others out there who are on their side. Things escalate in Bekkebakken, and when the PAEF win the election, the situation becomes dangerous for Lars, and things don't get any better when the stranger-friends try to help him. Anna's parents ask them not to see each other for a while since they fear for Anna's safety. But Anna chooses Lars ... This is a graphic novel based on the popular TV series on Norway's children's channel NRK Super. ZombieLars - Book 4 is based on the second half of season 2.

Gisle Halvorsen and Thomas Seeberg Torjussen

Gisle Halvorsen is a screenwriter, producer and director, and is behind the success series AF1 and ZombieLars.

Thomas Seeberg Torjussen is an award-winning screenwriter who is behind both TV and film successes such as Kampen for tilværelsen and Koselig med peis.

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