Kristoffer Kjølberg
The Newpaper Gang
After Bedtime

After Bedtime is the first in a new comic-book series about the Newspaper Gang that we have great hopes for and look forward to seeing more of in the next few years!

Meet the pre-teen reader’s new best friend – Sebastian! He’s a journalist at his school news-paper The Newspaper and plans on being the greatest crime reporter the school has ever seen.

In the beginning this doesn’t demand so much from, but it does involve nightly excursions, the procure-ment of a trench coat, and countless attempts at learning to like coffee. Sebastian’s courage is really put to the test when he actually discovers something mysterious – the unmistakable footprints of what can only be GIANT RATS, or possibly SPACE CREATURES. The school newspaper’s sales figures have never been better, but when it matters does Sebastian really dare to pursue the mysterious creatures?

Kristoffer Kjølberg is an expert comic-book artist who, with his great humour and charm, will draw many a reluctant reader into the world of literature.

Kristoffer Kjølberg’s new graphic novel about the editors of a school newspaper is funny, thrilling and easily read – and comes with a legacy from 1980s Duckberg for a little extra spice.


Kristoffer Kjølberg

Kristoffer Kjølberg
Flu Hartberg

Kristoffer Kjølberg (b. 1980) is a prize-winning illustrator and graphic designer. He is a member of the creative community Dongery.

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