Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen
Bian Shen

Would you live forever, trapped in the body of a child?

Bian Shen is the first book in a trilogy about a group of children that have lived for thousends of years. Given both miracle and a curse, they have been forced to live through history in the bodies of children. Not able to die, not able to grow up.

Tomorrow is Arthur's 14th birthday, but he knows he will die during the night. He also knows that he will wake up in a body, helpless as a new-born infant, but with all his memories and feelings intact. Arthur is one of the Children. Unable to die and unable to grow up he has lived through history of the world in a child's body. But even that isn't sufficient to prepare him for what is about to happen...

Bian Shen is tough, entertaining and wise in its own way. And it is built on a solid idea... The ending asks more questions than it gives answers to. Possibly we'll get them in the next book. And the well-written "Bian Shen" has enough suspense and drive to be worth waiting for.


Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen

Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Torbjørn Øverland Amundsen (b. 1979) is a Norwegian author raised in Ålgård but currently living in Oslo. Amundsen studied civil engineering within the field of communication technology, but has also studied psychology and philosophy. His debut, the youth science-fiction novel Bian Shen, was also aimed at adults. Kelestriel is the second book in a trilogy.

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Nominated for the Ministry of Culture's Debut Prize 2013

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