Kathrine Nedrejord
Save the Herd!

All 17-year-old Elle wants is to follow in her father's footsteps and one day take over the family’s herd of reindeer. When wealthy forces with a lot of money threaten to take their grazing land and start mining, the village is split in two. Elle must fight, but it’s easy to make mistakes when so many have so much to lose. Elle joins forces with a group of eco-warriors, and she absolutely can't let the smile of her friend's boyfriend distract her too much ...

Save the Herd!is a story about traditions under pressure, friendship on a test, forbidden love, and about choosing one’s own path.

'A highly topical novel about nature conservation and Sámi identity.'

Vårt Land

'Hyper-relevant YA.'


'... a brilliantly composed and solid story.'


'The end (…) will make you shiver.'


' … a brilliant piece of work …'

Kathrine Nedrejord

Kathrine Nedrejord
Kari Live Rønningen

Kathrine Nedrejord (b. 1987) is an awarded and highly acclaimed author of children’s books, YA , fiction, and theatre plays. Her books for children and young adults have earned several nominations for prestigious literary awards, among them the IBBY Honor list and two-time nomination for the Ministry of Culture’s Literary Prize. The German edition of the YA Sara’s Secret was awarded Book of the Month. Nedrejord was nominated for the 2023 Nordic Council Literature Prize her adult fiction novel, Criminal and Punishment. She was recently the house dramatist at the National Theatre in Oslo. She lives in Paris.

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