Kristin Flood
Amor fati
Din vei til mindfulness og selvinnsikt

In this easy to read book, Kristin Flood shares her both personal and professional experiences on how to become more aware of our own destiny. When we start to notice emotions, thoughts and the golden sparkles that appear inside us, we can access our deeper selves. We can then see the opportunity that is given to us, but also that the choices we make are our own. Maybe we can discover, what she calls, an existential landscape within ­ where the question "Who am I?" has it´s source. And there we can sense a greater context in our existence.

Kristin Flood

Kristin Flood

Kristin Flood is a journalist and author. She is currently living in Venice where she is working as a freelance journalist for the Norwegian and Scandinavian press.

Other titles

Silence (2010)
The Big Now (2015)

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