Carina Poulsen
Everyday emotions
Why do I feel like this? How can I make it better ?

Many people suffer in today's highachievement society. Very many of us will experience depression and/or stress in the course of our lives. Everyday Emotions gives us answers and help us meet and cope with the challenges we face in life. The book is about how we can have fewer negative thoughts and less worry, and instead experience more joy and increase our self­confidence.

The author combines theory and case studies in a practical and accessible way to show how we can appropriately and effectively deal with problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and low selfesteem.

‘This is important and well written! Recommended!’


Carina Poulsen

Carina Poulsen

Carina Poulsen trained as a clinical psychologist and is currently doing a 5 year course of further specialist training in clinical aspects of occupational psychology. Carina is particularly involved in minor psychological ailments, mindfulness and yoga, and in the relationship between physical training and psychological health.

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