Niels Christian Geelmuyden
50 Benefits of Making it Past 50

We know a lot about what gets worse as you age, but we don't talk about what often gets better. What if being over 50 is better than being young? What if it's the best time of your life?

Niels Chr. Geelmuyden, himself in his 50s, writes with humour and warmth about what we can look forward to once we have made it to 50, based on research and his own and others' experiences.

Niels Christian Geelmuyden

Niels Christian Geelmuyden

Niels Christian Geelmuyden (b. 1960) is a writer and journalist, who has become well known, in particular for his interview portraits for the magazines Kapital and Henne. He writes think-pieces for the radio and columns for publications ranging from the in-flight SAS magazine to newspapers such as Bergens Tidende. He has written three best-selling and critical books about our food, drink and medicines and what they really contain. He has also written the cookbook Health on the Table, that was National Winner Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2016 in Health and Nutrition. His latest book is Pillment.t

Other titles

Pillment (2017)
Health on the table (2016)
The Truth in the Glass (2015)

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