Loveleen Rihel Brenna

Diversity management

Diversity gives a competitive advantage, but it requires the manager to be able to manage the diversity. The management of diversity requires new knowledge, insight and expertise, and in this book you will learn how to use diversity to create value.

Loveleen Rihel Brenna, who has worked in the field since 1995, shares her personal and management experiences in a way that will make you a better manager who is able to unleash the potential of diversity.

Loveleen Rihel Brenna

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Loveleen Rihel Brenna (b. 1967) was born in India. In 1972, she arrived in Norway as a 5-year-old. She trained in pedagogics, leadership and multicultural work and has run her own consultancy. Recently, she stepped down from her post a head of the Parents' Panel for Foundation Education. She has published several books in her specialties.

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