Ulrik Høisæther
The Last Safe Deposit Box

Chief Inspector Frans Nansen is put on the case. He is a single dad with exceedingly unhealthy eating habits: Trying to fill out the aching gap that his wife’s death tore in his soul with chocolates and frozen pizzas, he is closing in on 310 pounds. Nansen and his partner Henke Li are soon to find out that there has been a break-in in the last safe deposit boxes that were to be liquidat-ed, and that a key suspect seemingly has vanished off the face of the earth.In the Caribbean, an exiled Norwegian is hunting down an enormous treasure located somewhere on the sea floor off the coast of Colombia. It soon becomes apparent that this treasure hunt is con-nected to the ongoing events in Oslo.

Ulrik Høisæther

Ulrik Høisæther
Julie Pike

Ulrik Høisæther (1982-) made his debut as crime author with the crime novel Pokerface, which soon was followed by Clean Hands. He works within finance, and now for the largest Bank in Norway. The Last Safe Deposit Box is his first novel about Chief Inspector Frans Nansen.

Other titles

Poker Face (2011)
Clean Hands (2012)

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