Synnøve Borge and Lise Myhre (ill.)
The Wolverinne

You won’t often see the wolverine. There are only around 400 adult wolverines in Norway, and they tend to keep their distance from humans. In We follow a female wolverine throughout one year, from the late winter until the start of the next winter. She has dramatic encounters with people and predators, but also finds time to play and explore with her siblings.

Most of all, this book is about how fascinating life in the wild can be, with the young female wolverine as the protagonist in a running nonfictional narrative. Through photos and fun facts, the reader gets a close-up view of the wolverine—and of nature itself. This is the fifth nature book that
Borge and Myhre have worked together on.

Breathtaking! Wolverine is the best of them all. She’s even cooler than in the earlier books.

Synnøve gets better with every book. Children come in to borrow them again and again. And we’re always telling members about the books.

Synnøve Borge and Lise Myhre (ill.)

Synnøve Borge and Lise Myhre (ill.)
Per Arne Opsahl

Synnøve Borge (b. 1960) has a university degree in pedagogics and has studied creative writing for children at Norsk Barnebokinstitutt, where she specialized in
documentary texts.
Lise Myhre-Hestnæs (b. 1975) is a Norwegian cartoonist known for her comic strip Nemi.

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