Ruth Lillegraven
The Green Forest

Award-winning and critically acclaimed, Ruth Lillegraven, has written a new collection of poetry for children.

What happens when a child follows a quiet trail through into the green woods? How can a birch resemble a girl whose draining water from her hair? And what about the spearing buds, emerging as fairy breath? And the moose floating in the bottomless pond, will he sink all the way to China?

Ruth Lillegraven writes with delicacy about the small details. The Green Forest trails a child's wondering gaze through the life and rhythms of nature. As with the Brage-nominated collection of poetry I am I am I am, Lillegraven introduces children to poetry, this time on a journey through the forest.

The book is illustrated by award-winning Mari Kanstad Johnsen.

Ruth Lillegraven

Ruth Lillegraven

Ruth Lillegraven (b.1978) comes from Hardanger, Norway, and now lives in the county of Bærum. She debuted with the poetry collection Big Bad Poems in 2005. Since then she has published the novel Between Us and the poetry collections Urd, The Manila Hall and Sickle (2016) so far sold to Dutch, English, French and Spanish. She has also published six books for children and the play Cally. Her work has been nominated for several awards, and won, among others, The Brage-Prize and Nynorsk Literature Prize.

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