Marit Reiersgård
Paradise Hill

Almost 25 years have passed since Camilla Carlsen was found murdered in the small grove halfway up Paradise Hill. The case was never solved and the Drammen police are now making another effort, hoping that fresh eyes and new methods will solve the mystery.
Camilla’s closest female friends have all been freshly interrogated and meet at a tavern to discuss their experiences and recollections from the time of the murder. One of the friends, May, is being stared at by a man at the bar and when May goes outside to have a smoke, the man follows. The next morning she is found murdered in a show window and the way in which the body has been arranged reveals that the killer wants to convey a message.
The police investigators Bitte Røed and Verner Jacobsen have to pursue both the ghosts of the past and the fresh clues of the present.

Reiersgård is a solid author with a strong grip on storylines as well as characters, and there is a quivering nerve throughout her stories … Her books make an impression and it is rather impossible to read them and not get affected.


I look forward to many more quality crime novels from the hand of Marit Reiersgård.
5 out of 6 stars

Stavanger Aftenblad

Paradise Hill is a successful crime novel – from what is by now an established author.
5 out of 6 stars


… this is an extraordinary good crime novel – a crime novel that definitely contributes to lifting the genre.


Marit Reiersgård

Marit Reiersgård
Julie Pike

Marit Reiersgård (born 1965) has trained her hand at writing short stories for ten years, and has published books for children and young adults. Her debut as a crime writer came in 2012 with Tall Snow. In 2014 followed The Girl with No Heart, which got shortlisted for the prestigious Riverton Prize.

Other titles

The Girl with No Heart, crime (2014)
Tall Snow, crime (2012)

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