Kristian Hall
Happy again
How to beat depression, step by step

Happy Again is a life-affirming program that, step-by-step, helps you improve your life or become totally free of depression. The program is designed to get you started, even when everything looks hopeless. With this book, Kristian Hall has assembled the tools which he lacked for himself while suffering from depression for ten years. The book is also suitable for close relatives and healthcare professionals. Preface by psychologist Knut-Petter S. Langlo.

Kristian Hall

Kristian Hall
Photo: Tove K. Breistein

Kristian Hall (b. 1977) is a graduate civil engineer and has held various directorships in the business sector. He is passionate about reaching out to anyone who is struggling with depression, with a message that it is possible to become much better or completely healthy. Since recovering from after more than ten years of deep depression, Kristian is working actively with helping others who are struggeling with depression.

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