Jørgen Brekke
The Nature of Man

Police detective Odd Singsaker is in a house on the island Hitra. There’s a corpse lying next to him, and he is aiming a shotgun at a person in a charred sofa. Obviously, quite a lot has happened since Singsaker’s wife Felicia Stone packed her belongings and left him.
A corrupt, ice cold policeman, a partying student who suddenly finds himself in trouble, a wife who strikes back at her husband and a debt collector who knows how to swing a bat - they all have contributed to land Odd Singsaker in this mess.
The third Odd Singsaker novel is the story of what happened to Felicia Stone, about crime on a large scale, love that refuses to fade and the four humours. And about everything else that constitutes human nature.

Jørgen Brekke

Jørgen Brekke
Elin Iversen

Jørgen Brekke has a background as a literary critic and has worked as a freelance journalist for some years. He lives in Trondheim with his wife and three children.

Realm of Grace is Jørgen Brekke’s first crime novel and he plans to write more books whose premise is that answers to a present day murder can be found in the past. He is currently working on several possible scenarios.

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