Cesilie Tanderø
«LE DONNE – women and the city, ROME»

A warm and intriguing invitation to experience the cities and the island from a new angle.

In «LE DONNE - women and the city, ROME» the author has given the famous seven heights each their own theme. She has close conversations with ten women in the city and relates each of them to one of the hilltops. To this adds another 20 women from ancient times.

Acca Larenzia was the shepherd woman in the myth of the origins of Rome. She looked after the twin boys Romulus and Remus after her husbond found them at the foot of a hill. Vanda Collangeli stirs the pots in her restaurant and serves us her favorite recipe. Senator Emma Bonino receives in her flat on the top floor, distinguishes between power and influence and reveals her favorite word that she has never thought of before.

Their interesting lives add to the knowledge of Rome. And despite their opinions on the cities decline, they all love Rome, full of art and culture and female power.

The author invites you into something genuine and close, whether you read before you go, are on the road or «travel» in your favourite chair at home. Map inside cover. Also a timeline to understand when the ancient women lived.

Join the journey you will not find in a traditional guidebook.

Be present in your own life.
Be present in Rome!

Author: CesilieTanderø – Design: Laura van As

«I do not believe in the great universal Truth, but the little truth, being honest with yourself, being honest with the people you have a relationship with and love, and with your own profession».

Author Dacia Maraini, Rome

Cesilie Tanderø

Cesilie Tanderø
Kjell Gripstad

Cesilie Tanderø (b. 1954) has previously written six books in Norwegian: Sesame Station (2), The Great Environmental Book, Casa Lauro, Mmm ... and So Good to See You!

She left the culture department in Akershus county in 2016 after fourteen years as a film- and litterature producer for The Cultural Schoolsack. Before that she worked freelance for various media for sixteen years after film and media studies and thirteen years as an educator. For ten years until 2020 she was the leader of the Drøbak Artist Forum and The Drøbak Backyard Festival. She now runs Salsa AS.

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