Cesilie Tanderø
«LE DONNE - women and the city, SICILY»

«LE DONNE - women and the city, SICILY» is a different journey by car and on foot around Sicily. The author has interviewed 13 women from daily life in Sicily. You will meet women in history, myths and legends as well as the authors personal thoughts and experiences.

Enza la Fauci grows grapes and produces wine with a view to the Strait of Messina where the Sirens and the monsters in the past tried to drag the sailors into the depths with their ships. Marilia Di Giovanni runs a small bookstore which has become The meeting place in Ortygia in the south. The photographer Letizia Bataglia in Palermo invites the author to her home to show pictures of the internationally known documentation of mafia assassinations that the well-known photographer took during years. She also gives an answer to what no other journalist has ever asked her.

Their interesting lives add to the readers knowledge of Sicily where the author finds the women strong, hardworking and very friendly. They seem to have a solid female network that strengthen the communities they are part of.

The stories are linked to places on a map you can find on the inside of the cover page. Here is also a timeline for everyone featured.

Join the journey you won't find in traditional guidebooks.

Be present in your own life.
Be present in Sicily!

Author: Cesilie Tanderø – Design: Laura van As

"Before you fight the mafia, you must first examine your own conscience, and then, after you have fought the mafia in yourself, you can fight the mafia that is in your circle of friends. We ourselves, and our failed way of being, are the mafia.”

From Rita Atria's diary, a 17 year old witness and key collaborator in a major Mafia investigation and committed suicide.

Cesilie Tanderø

Cesilie Tanderø
Kjell Gripstad

Cesilie Tanderø (b. 1954) has previously written six books in Norwegian: Sesame Station (2), The Great Environmental Book, Casa Lauro, Mmm ... and So Good to See You!

She left the culture department in Akershus county in 2016 after fourteen years as a film- and litterature producer for The Cultural Schoolsack. Before that she worked freelance for various media for sixteen years after film and media studies and thirteen years as an educator. For ten years until 2020 she was the leader of the Drøbak Artist Forum and The Drøbak Backyard Festival. She now runs Salsa AS.

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