Hege Enersen Bjerkelien
Operation wilderness camp
The Broccoli gang

One week at the world worst wilderness camp, has turned into 90 pages of pure fun an exitement. Lightly illustrated book for children between 8 and 12.

Backcover text:

"The class has just survived the country’s most rotten bus, they have arrived at the camp school and are wildly looking forward to a week of cool activities, fireplace coziness, and hot cocoa. That is until Alex shows up, a cocky teacher who can never brag enough about his own achievements - and who loves to torment the children.

The Broccoli Gang really gets a rough time, and they hatch a wild plan to put the teacher in his place. Special effects, crazy excuses, and breathtaking stunts are natural ingredients when The Broccoli Gang goes for revenge.

But will Alex ever learn? It looks bad, and how far is the gang willing to go?

Meet gang who put justice above all else, the world’s worst braggart, very large pikes, the night watchman who catches everything, the guard dog that eats bats, and a tenacious ghost."

Hege Enersen Bjerkelien

Hege Enersen Bjerkelien
Jan Enoksen

Hege Bjerkelien is a Norwegian author who is particularly known for her work in children’s literature12. She was born in 1971 and has spent a significant part of her life working with horses as a professional competition rider1. After her riding career, she took up a job as a child and youth worker in primary school for about eight years1.

Bjerkelien debuted as an author in 2019 with the children’s book "Savage street". This book was supported by The Norwegian arts council. She followed this up with the launch of a new book series in 2020, starting with "Operation stinky beatle - The Broccoli gang ".
The next book in this series "Operation wilderness camp - The Broccoli gang" was launched October 2023.
The Broccoli gang series is lightly illustrated for the age 8-12.

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