Inger-Mari Aikio
69 pillars

The central theme of the poetry collection is women, who share their sexuality, desires and erotic experiences with a wide variety of people. In some poems, erotic pleasures make a woman happy and accept herself as it is. In some poems, the woman’s voice shines with disappointment and dissatisfaction.

69 čuoldda – pylvästä (69 pillars) brings a new, taboo-breaking voice to Sami literature and the community, dealing with issues that are rarely spoken out loud.

Inger-Mari Aikio

Inger-Mari Aikio
Jaime Mejia

Inger-Mari Aikio born 1961 in Ohcejohka/Utsjoki, lives in Samiland, North Finland.
Poet, writer, translator and director and producer of documentary films and music videos. Worked before as a journalist, radio host and reporter.

Published ten books in Northern Sami. Seven of them are poem books, two children’s books and a novel for teens and young adults in Northern Sami. Translations in English, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Hungarian, Finnish, French, Italian, Arabic, Kiswahili and Bulgarian.

Trilingual poem book Roađđi – Rosa Boreal – Boreal Rose (2016) published in Sami, English and Spanish together with Niillas Holmberg.

Lyrics for 45 recorded songs. Directed 12 music videos and 11 documentary films.

Nominated for Nordic Litterature Prize (2004).
Skábmagovat Film Award (2013) and State Award for Children’s culture (2015).

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Skábmagovat Film Award (2013) and State Award for Children’s culture (2015)

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