Torkil Damhaug
Certain Signs of Your Death

In Akershus University Hospital, a patient disappears. In the evening, his body is found in a basement box-room with its throat cut. When retired forensic pathologist Jennifer Plåterud is called in to examine the dead man, she has no idea of how closely she is involved in the murder herself. In the merciless light of summer, she is gradually forced to grasp the connections she would have preferred to ignore.
This is a psychologically tense, closed-room crime story set in a Norwegian hospital, but with links to the Balkan wars in the 1990s, the Rosengård gangs in the Swedish city of Malmö and Torkil Damhaug's own world of characters from the fashionable Romerrike district near Oslo.

‘Intricate and solid ‘gourmet crime’ from Damhaug with an internationally spanning plot, sown together with surgical precision.’


‘Torkil Damhaug is an ambitious writer, he wants something more than just telling a readable story.’


Torkil Damhaug

Torkil Damhaug
Photo: Fredrik Arff

Torkil Damhaug holds a degree in medicine with a specialization in psychiatry. His début novel, Flykt, måne (The Flight of the Moon) caused a great stir when it appeared in 1996. Syk Rose (Ailing Rose) was also well received by the critics. His Norwegian and international break-through came with the psychological thriller Døden ved vann (Death by Water) from 2008. The novel is optioned for a movie. His novel Ildmannen (Fireraiser) was awarded the prestigious Riverton Prize for best crime fiction novel in 2011.

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