Inga H. Sætre
Fall Technique

Fall Technique is both a graphic novel and a biographical tale of a girl who moves away from home to attend secondary school. This is the story of a group of close friends that tentatively wish to play in a band, and for whom the world is waiting to be discovered.

‘Sætre delivers best of the year with practical life philosophy in Fall Technique. (…)Fall Technique is both simple and complex, personal yet universal. Sætre has made a beautiful series for youth, which should also be read by parents and other adults. This is the best cartoon of the year thus far.’

Dagens Næringsliv

‘Inga Sætre is convincing with her first graphic novel. (…) As in Møkkajentene, (…) this is raw, honest and funny in a redeeming way.’


‘Inga Sætre’s strength is the fine dialogues. The words come uncensored, thoughts are being given the space to unfold, worries as well. (…) it is just as much about the ability to get up again, and move on, with the bruises and scratches one has been inflicted.’


Inga H. Sætre

Inga H. Sætre
Photo: Vidar M. S. Husby

Inga H. Sætre holds a degree in animation and is currently attending the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is known for her cartoon strip Møkkajentene, and has illustrated the children’s book Unbrakomonsteret (2007).

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Winner of the Brage Prize 2011
The Ministry of Culture’s Award for Best Graphic Novel 2011
Nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize, 2013.

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