Charlotte Bråten
The Seed

In the middle of the night Sandra is awakened by a voice. It isn’t Daddy’s voice, because he lives with stupid Marit in the old house. But it isn’t Mummy’s either … it belongs to a horse! Once in a while, very rarely, someone succeeds in planting a horse.

This is a unique and touching story about modern families and about finding a new friend when you really, really need one.

Illutstrated by Rune Markhus.

Charlotte Bråten

Charlotte Bråten

Charlotte Bråten works as a book presenter at Fredrikstad library. She has studied creative writing at Telemark University College, as well as literary science, history of ideas and general history at Oslo University. This is her first book.

(b. 1972)
Rune Markhus is a graduate from Westerdals School of Communication and works as an illustrator. At Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2012 he was awarded a diploma for the picture book When Everyone is Asleep. At the same occasion he also won the category for Documentary Books for Children with the book Computer Games

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