Øystein Wiik

White panther

The shipowner, Herman Nordahl, dies in a fire at his apartment. The autopsy reveals that he has been tortured with a tool called the Somali Virgin, which has been frequently used in Africa during dictatorial rule. Pastor Hellener, who was supposed to preside over Nordahl’s funeral, never shows up. Instead, he is found dead in a snowy field.
Meanwhile, Tom Hartmann is in the Arabian Gulf aboard the oil tanker, Fenris Fighter, in order to write a novel. The tanker is hijacked by Somali pirates who embark on a journey across the Red Sea. Alone aboard the ship are Tom Hartmann and a young boy. Can Hartmann prevent the impending catastrophe?

Aschehoug 2012

Øystein Wiik

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Øystein Wiik is renowned for his amazing voice and has participated in a number of records and performances. Educated at the The Norwegian Academy of Dramatic Art, he made his debut as Jesus in Godspell at The National Theatre in Bergen. Wiik’s international breakthrough came with Jean Valjean in Les Misérables at The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo. British theatrical producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh hired Wiik to portray Jean Valjean, first at The Raimund Theater in Vienna and then in the original production at The Palace Theatre in London.
Together with composer Gisle Kverndokk and dramaturge Inger Schjoldager, Øystein Wiik has written and produced several musicals, including Sophie’s World, based on Jostein Gaarder’s world famous novel.

Slakteren (The Butcher), 2011
Dødelig applaus (Deadly Applause), 2010

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