Heidi Linde
Pym Petterson’s Failure of a Family

Pym Petterson is eleven years old, and her family is neither fun nor interesting. It is merely miserable! At least Pym thinks so. And she is supposed to write a true story about them. How can she possibly do that? Even her name is a mistake, like most other things in her life. She is the youngest sister in a completely ordinary, boring family that consists of Mum, Dam and the twins Sigmund and Sanne, who quarrel all the time. Pym is interested in space, she does things her own way and questions almost everything. And she considers her life a total failure.

Heidi Linde

Heidi Linde
Photo: Jo Michael

Heidi Linde studied film script writing at the Lillehammer University College and has attended the Creative Writing Study at Bøe. Her first publication was Mosquito Bites in 1998 and she has since written several novels for children and adults.

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