Sven Nyhus
Sånt Som Er

Illustrated by the author.

Eli goes to Mum.
- Can I have the red shoes? She asks.
- They are much too small, Mum says.
- Perfect, Eli replies, because I collect things that are small and things at the bottom of the pile and things people are about to throw away.

Things That Are is a playful and philosophical picture book about existential questions for children of all ages.

Sven Nyhus

Sven Nyhus
Photo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS

Svein Nyhus was educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has worked as an illustrator of newspapers and magazines. His mixture of easily accessible texts, caricature, curiosity and gravity appeals to adults as much as to children. In recent years, Svein Nyhus has made some of Norway’s best picture books, and has carved out a new genre. His philosophical texts and his bold, beautiful illustrations have reached out to a large and enthusiastic audience.

Svein Nyhus has won several awards, among them The Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs’ Prize three times. His latest nomination was for the ALMA in 2009.

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