Åshild Kanstad Johnsen
Block Makes a Commotion

Block is back! And now he wants to play in a marching band! He opts for the trumpet and starts to rehearse for the big band concert. But Block has a problem – no matter how much he practices and reads and drills, he still doesn’t get the notes at all. To Block they all look like birds on a wire. So he pretends to play when the conductor looks his way, but in reality he doesn’t make a sound. That wouldn’t have mattered at all, hadn’t the conductor decided to let Block play a solo at the concert … how on earth will he do that?

Åshild Kanstad Johnsen

Åshild Kanstad Johnsen
Photo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS

Åshild Kanstad Johnsen holds a degree in visual communication. She works as a freelance illustrator. Her first published book, Block Makes a Museum (2010), has been sold to 15 countries.

Rights sold to

China (Hangzhou Guomai Culture & Media), France (Éditions Rue du Monde), Germany (Onkel & Onkel), Japan (TMS Entertainment), Sweden (Nordstedt/ Raben & Sjögren), Taiwan (Global Kids Books), Turkey (Norgunk Publishing House)

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