Torkil Damhaug
Death By Water

Liss lives in Amsterdam, but when her sister disappears, she jumps on the first plane home. In Oslo she searches desperately for answers. But someone is willing to kill in order to hide the truth behind her sister’s gruesome fate.
Death by Water is a thriller that trespasses the boundaries between past and present. It is about a child who searches for love and meets with desire. Several of the characters appearing in the novel can also be found in his previous thriller Se meg, Medusa (Look at Me, Medusa).

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A must for readers of Stieg Larsson … Damhaug quickly turns out to be wiser and far cleverer than Stieg Larsson.

Berlingske Tiderne - Denmark

'Another confirmation that the Norwegian climate, landscape and psychology is a lucky combination for the making of outstanding crime.'

Jyllands-posten, Denmark

'Incredibly exciting and utterly unputdownable.'

Fyns Stiftstidene, Denmark

'An outstandingly good, psychological, Norwegian crime. It will appeal broadly to readers of Scandinavian crime, and keep you hooked from the first page until the last.'

The Library Magazine, Denmark

Torkil Damhaug

Torkil Damhaug
Photo: Fredrik Arff

Torkil Damhaug has a degree in medicine with a specialisation in psychiatry.
He has published six novels, and the two latest have been successfull crime novels, as is his latest book, The Arsonist (Ildmannen), 2011.

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