Åshild Kanstad Johnsen
Block Makes a Museum

Block likes to collect things he finds in the forest. There are so many treasures out there, he thinks. He takes all these treasures home and puts them in nice boxes. But one day the boxes are full! So Block opens a museum of his own. The museum is a great success. Almost too much so, Block thinks... is the really supposed to have to queue up to go to his own bathroom for the rest of his life?

Block Makes a Museum is the first of three books about Block. The second book, Block makes a commotion, was published in 2011, and the third book, Block's Album of Everything, was published in 2013.

A solid debut!


Åshild Kanstad Johnsen tells the story to-the-point, with rough and uniqe drawings.


Åshild Kanstad Johnsen

Åshild Kanstad Johnsen
Photo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS

Åshild Kanstad Johnsen holds a degree in visual communication. She works as a freelance illustrator. In her spare time she collects all sorts of strange things.Block Makes a Museum was her first book.

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