Ingar Sletten Kolloen
Hamsun. The Dreamer And The Conqueror

Ingar Sletten Kolloen´s biography of Knut Hamsun has been a tremendous success in Norway, and he has now adapted his great work on Hamsun for the international market. This is the biography of one of the greatest authors in the history of literature, an extraordinary love story and family drama – the price of living in the shadow of Hamsun´s genius was high. It is not least an insightful account of the Hamsun family´s road to Nazism. During WW II, the consequences of Hamsun´s reactionary attitudes were to be dramatic for the writer and his family. Ingar Sletten Kolloen bases his book on thousands of hitherto unknown letters and rich source material, including the journal accompanying Hamsun´s psycho-analytica treatment in the 1920s. This unique material forms the basis of a completely new close-up portrait of the literary genius and the man, Knut Hamsun. The abridged one volume of the biography is a celebration of Hamsun´s 150 years´ anniversary.

Ingar Sletten Kolloen

Ingar Sletten Kolloen

Ingar Sletten Kolloen has worked as a publisher and journalist, commentator and newspaper editor. In 1999 he wrote a critically acclaimed biography of Tor Jonsson, Only Love and Death. The author has received many prizes for his Hamsun works. In 2008 he published the book about the sensational healer Joralf Jerstad, The Man from Snaasa, which has sold in more than 100,000 copies.

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