Ivo de Figueiredo
The Storm. A Biography of Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch is not only celebrated as Norway’s preeminent artist, but he also stands as a Norwegian artist who has etched a permanent mark on global culture.
The Storm chronicles the life of this prodigious artist who, after rattling Kristiania with his revolutionary artworks, made a dynamic entrance onto the European stage, emerging as a formidable force from the north.

From the iconic "The Scream" to captivating pieces like "Madonna" and "Vampire", Munch did more than merely depict scenes; he rendered raw emotions on canvas. His life and oeuvre navigated through an era marked by monumental shifts in both global events and the artistic domain. To understand Munch's journey is to journey through the tumultuous backdrop of his contemporary Europe.

MUNCH (the Munch Museum) and Aschehoug have collaboratively initiated this comprehensive study on the artist. Drawing extensively from MUNCH’s rich archival materials, Ivo de Figueiredo has undertaken a fresh examination of Munch's journals, annotations, literary drafts, and correspondence. Ivo de Figueiredo's masterful two-volume biography unfolds with the allure of a novel, promising to captivate both scholarly audiences and the general public alike.

"This is a significant project for us. Ivo de Figueiredo is counted among the elite Norwegian biographers, and the work will remain standing as the definitive biography on Munch for a long time to come."

Mads Nygaard, Publisher and President at Aschehoug Forlag

"We are experiencing a great and ever in-creasing interest in Edvard Munch."

MUNCH’s Director Tone Hansen

Ivo de Figueiredo

Ivo de Figueiredo
Agnete Brun

Author, historian and critic Ivo de Figueiredo (b. 1966) is the most reputed biographer in Norway with a bibliography containing several award-winning titles. In 2006, he published Henrik Ibsen. The Man, the first volume of the critically acclaimed biography about the author, followed by Henrik Ibsen. The Mask in 2007. This biography is today considered the most complete, well written and well researched biography on Ibsen. Ivo de Figueiredo has also published two critically awarded non-fiction titles for YA readers about Henrik Ibsen and Henrik Wergeland.

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