Knut Nærum and Karstein Volle

In a world right next to ours: Comics are forbidden. A man refuses to lay down his pen. This is his story. And his stories.

Knut Nærum (born 1961) and Karstein Volle (born 1976) have made a declaration of love for comics and genres. Happy endings are not guaranteed. Blood and references to popular culture occur. For adult readers.

"Endearingly nostalgic and at the same time modern."
Bjørn Gabrielsen, Dagens Næringsliv

"Fun and unpleasantly up to date."
Siri Narverud Moen, NRK

"It’s been a long time long since I read such a positively uncomfortable Norwegian comic book, where violence never feels speculative, but as a natural part of a horror regime. And unfortunately there's very little science fiction about just that."
Erle Marie Sørheim, Dagbladet

Knut Nærum and Karstein Volle

Knut Nærum and Karstein Volle
Photo: NCP

Nærum and Volle have each published several comic books, this is their first collaboration.

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