Espen Friberg og Fredrik Larsen

Once upon a time there was a country where children bought roll tobacco and Winner Tip for their parents. Where porn was something in the woods and not on the internet. Where you stalked alcoholics for their empty beer bottles, and social benefit cash they might lose. Where children played with fireworks instead of making cupcake blogs. These are stories from that country.

"It's quite annoying, comic artists reinventing the genre with their debut series, but Friberg & Larsen has managed to do this and it's actually quite refreshing." Christopher Nielsen

«Oh my god this is such a GEM! So to the point, stylish, genuine and ridiculously funny. Fredrik's text and Espen's drawings is an ingenious match made in Strømmen!" Bendik Kaltenborn

"Looks like there are more than me who grew up outside junction 3. Frighteningly like my own childhood ..." Todd Terje

"This year's funniest comic .. It's an impressive piece of craftsmanship" Aksel Kielland, Morgenbladet

Espen Friberg og Fredrik Larsen

Espen Friberg og Fredrik Larsen
Photo: Ingrid Pop

This is Friberg and Larsen's first collaboration, they grew up as friends in the suburb Strømmen, like their avatars in Zerolife.

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