Lars Mytting
Norwegian Wood
All about Chopping, Drying and Stacking Wood - the Scandinavian Way

What is it that makes Lars Mytting’s non-fiction book about wood chopping so special that people all over the world can’t get enough of it? One of the reasons for its great success is definitely its informative content: from different qualities of wood, tools and supplies to the best time for cutting the wood and the quantity of food a wood chopper needs a day to the types of ecological worthwhile stoves- no possible question one might have about the subject of wood will be left unanswered.
But unlike other nonfiction books treating the same subject, Mytting provides so much more than just dry facts and little tips. He invites all of his readers, even those who never held an axe in their hands, to discover the fascination that is attached to the process of making firewood and to think about the environmental and cultural aspects related to it. Not only middle-aged men living in Scandinavia but also readers from all over the world, living in all kinds of environments, will be amused by Mytting’s anecdotes about wood choppers and his thoughts about the correlation between their ways of chopping and stacking the wood and their characters.
Reminding his readers that it’s the simple things in life that matter and showing how people all over the world share the wish to live in a warm and safe place with their loved-ones, NORWEGIAN WOOD will most certainly continue to brake sales records in more countries.

Lars Mytting

Lars Mytting
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Lars Mytting, a novelist and journalist, was born in Fåvang, Norway, in 1968. His novel "Svøm med dem som drukner" ("The Sixteen Trees of the Somme") was awarded the Norwegian National Booksellers' Award and has been bought for film. "Norwegian Wood" has become an international bestseller, and was the Bookseller Industry Awards Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2016.

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British Book Industry Award - Non-fiction Book of the Year 2016

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