Torunn Steinsland & Hanne A. Hjelmås

Four Seasons of Klompelompe

The first three books of KlompeLOMPE have sold more than 200 000 copies in Norway. Foreign editions in ten countries are either published or in the making, showing the unique appeal the colours, patterns and design of KlompeLOMPE have had internationally.

In this new book the authors offer patterns for the four different seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Knit a Christmas sweater, clothes for school or kindergarden, summer dresses, chunky sweaters for children and grown ups, shorts and skirts for cool summer nights, jackets and caps and more.

As in the previous books, you will find patterns in three different levels of difficulty.

Torunn Steinsland & Hanne A. Hjelmås

Torunn steinsland og hanne andreassen hjelmås svarthvitt fotograf torunn steinsland høy
Torunn Steinsland

KlompeLOMPE began as a good idea on a “knitting night” in 2012. They both had children in preschool and grade school, and were wanting patterns for hats that fit well that were also nice to look at. It was especially hard to find finished goods and knitting patterns for boys. Thus, Kjekkaslua came into existence, which would ultimately prove to be their trademark, eventually becoming a whole little collection.

Their goal is to design great knitting patterns for children and adults, patterns for garments that fit well, are nice to wear and can be worn for a long time.
The books contains knitting patterns for boys and girls from ages one to six, but also for infants and adults. Many of the patterns are designed for both baby and mom. Find your favorites and combine colors that go well together.

The KLOMPELOMPE-series have reached a total print run of 230 000 copies (divided on four titles).

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Gummerus, Finland
People's Press, Denmark
Xander Publishers, Netherlands

Other titles

Klompelompe. Knitting for Little Sweethearts
Klompelompe. Knitting for the Family

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