Live Skinnes

Farmgirl of Norway

WINTER: The blue hour / Forest in winter / Winter work at the farm / The animals / Snow scooter trip to the hunting cabin / All kinds of weather / Sheep fell sewing / Cradle song for the little ones / Bunad sewing (national costumes) / Apple cider for winter drinks / Swimming in icy water / Cross country skiing / Cosy winter nights with good friends / Horsehair for bird’s nest / Making food for winter birds

SPRING: Spring farming / 17th May National Day Party / Gardening and planting / Fire making / New lambs on the farm /Apple trees and bees / Herbs and stinging nettles / Wood chopping / Nymphs and anemone nemorosas / Mountain pastures / Birch sap tapping and detox tea / Forest planting / Windowsill herb planting

SUMMER: Pressing hay / Straightening the storehouse / Kayak trips and horse riding / Fishing in fresh water / Midsummer feast / Making black currant juice / Your own raspberry and strawberry jam / Making juice based on willow herbs / Mountain trailing on horseback / Ice cubes with violets / Wedding

AUTUMN: Harvest / Blueberry harvest and blueberries smoothies / Dried tea / Crabbing / Hunting / Lamb in cale — National dish / Yoga “Farm style” / The world’s smelliest fish-party / Slaughter

CHRISTMAS: Making Christmas wreaths / Lucia celebration / Cookies, cakes and bread for Christmas / Chopping your own Christmas tree in the forest / Porridge for Santa in the barn / Decorating for Christmas / Christmas eve and the days before New Years Eve

Live Skinnes

Photo skinnes
Farmgirl of Norway

Live Skinnes is a farmgirl from Krødsherad who is very active on her blog She is currently writing her first book for Kagge Forlag (Norway) with the release date set for this fall.

You can read more about Skinnes at her webpage, Facebook, and Instagram.

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