Anne Lene Johnsen
Brain Training Fun for Young Minds
and Useful Tips for their Parents

The world’s greatest computer is completely personal, portable, free and wireless — and is found inside your head.

One of the best things in life is learning and using your head to think, to solve mysteries and puzzles and to find solutions to things. This is when we experience a sense of mastery, and we also improve ourselves and become happier when we develop our mental potential.

Help your children to develop their mental skills and potential by setting them fun tasks where they can crack codes, solve riddles and be creative. Remember; children love learning and discovering stuff. And in this book, learning and having fun are one and the same thing!

Here the little brain, Tenki, presents a wide range of fun tasks with lots of different levels and categories. So let your children try some exciting brain training! Perhaps you’ll even enjoy it too. Just bear in mind that sometimes children are quicker than grown-ups …

Anne Lene Johnsen

Anne Lene Johnsen
Panta forlag

AnneLene Johnsen is a maths whiz who used to solve maths problems in her spare time just for fun. Today the former Mensa president is a known columnist within the field of mental health and education, has written several brain training books, and has spent most of her career teaching and writing about how we can ensure that our minds work as efficiently as possible – something which has also involved testing her skills as a high school maths teacher.

AnneLene has a master’s degree in business and management, a BA in psychology, and has studied cognitive neuroscience and social psychology at postgraduate and PhD-level. She is the owner of the BrainFactory, where she arranges courses for parents and teachers on how to learn and make the most out of our brains. Her most recent book, Hvordan fatte matte (written together with Elin Natas), is currently high in the Norwegian best seller lists and has been sold to many foreign markets.

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