Asbjørn Jaklin
White Lies

Who can you trust?

2011 – A body is found in the pool outside the former marine base Olavsvern in Tromsø. On the man, a Russian citizen, the police finds the phone number to Alexander Winther, a Journalist at the local newspaper, Nordlys.

1944 – A man called Jurij sneaks past the German front in Finnmark and slides inconspicuously into a mass of civilians being evacuated southwards. Jurij settles down in Tromsø with his wife Nina and together they get a son. Their mission is to infiltrate and spy for the Soviet Union.

Journalist and former special soldier, Alexander Winther discovers a connection between the past and what’s happening in the present. A discovery which puts his life on the line.

… Jaklin manages in a convincing way to draw lines between incidents in our time with World War II


Asbjørn Jaklin

Asbjørn Jaklin
Anita Arntzen

Asbjørn Jaklin (b. 1956) is a bestselling, highly acknowledged non-fiction author from Norway. During the last decade he has specialized on war- and postwar history, stories with a strong narrative drive and a thorough and reliable research. His previous publications include titles such as A history of Northern Norway, The Northern Front, Ice Front. The Cold War in the North. His books have been translated into several languages. For The Northern Front he gained a nomination to the Brage Prize for best Norwegian non-fiction book in 2006.

His crime series is set in Tromsø and Northern Norway with journalist Alex Winther as main character. Jaklin’s fiction shows the drama and tensions that always envelop this rough and vulnerable region of the north, both in our time and in times of war, cold and “hot”. White Lies is the third novel in the crime series.

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Shortlisted to Riverton Award for best crime fiction (Red Zone).
Shortlisted to Brage Prize for best non-fiction (The Northern Front)

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