Bjørn Bottolvs
After the Sweet Itch

Aft er the Sweet Itch is the eighth crime novel featuring Constable Jo Kaasa. Kaasa is sent to a holiday region of Sørkedalen Valley outside of Oslo to investigate the case of a man found dead in a swollen stream by a rambler. Kaasa and his partner manage to drag the man out of the water and discover that the body has a cut to the head. At the scene of the crime they encounter someone who manages to get away from them. In a holiday cottage in the forest, Kaasa comes across another dead body, and the Violent Section faces the tough challenge of solving a double murder. The man who fled from Kaasa in the forest seems to have vanished without trace.

Bjørn Bottolvs worked as a policeman for over thirty years, and his crime novels featuring Jo Kaasa are characterised by an in-depth insight into the working life of the ordinary everyday policeman.

Bjørn Bottolvs

Bjørn Bottolvs
Rolf M. Aagaard

Bjørn Bottolvs was born in in 1946 and is a former Police Chief Inspector in
Oslo. He made his debut as a crime novelist with The Comet in 1999. This was followed by Ice (2002), May Rain (2004), When the Night is at its Blackest (2006), Dead Witnesses do not Lie (2007), The Grenade (2009) and The Murder at Taparud Farm (2010).

Other titles

The Murder at Taparud Farm (2010)
The Grenade (2009)
Dead Witnesses do not Lie (2007)
When the Night is at its Blackest (2006)
May Rain (2004)
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The Comet (1999)

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