Arne Svingen

Espen Askeladd and the King of the South

Once upon a time... hey, wait a sec. It wasn’t all that long ago, actually. For two weeks ago last Thursday, Espen Askeladd stood in front of his tiresome brothers and said: ‘The longest holiday I’ve ever had lasted ten minutes and it rained. So now I’m off to the South to get myself a tan.’

And off he sets, with his three best friends. Together they try to find the King of the South, and take on the mysterious Tormod Roll!

Arne Svingen

Svingen arne
Sigbjørn Sigbjørnsen

Arne Svingen (b. 1967) is one of our foremost writers for children and young adults. His production spans from easy reads for children, to novels for children and young adults.

He is deeply committed to encouraging children and adolescents to read, and he is a true wizard at using humor and suspense to ensnare his readers. Thematically, his books span from pure entertainment to novels on difficult topics. He has written several novels for adults, radio plays for NRK and graphic novels. A number of Arne Svingens's books have been sold abroad, and he has been translated into fourteen languages. His breakthrough as a writer of thrillers came with Silent Screams (2001). He was awarded the Brage Prize for his novel Black Ivory in 2005.

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